Thursday, August 18, 2016

Abis baca, Trus Apa? - Rahasia Ayah Edy Memetakan Potensi Unggul Anak

Liburan kali ini, pulang ke rumah rasanya kaya pulang ke toko buku. (Memang benar sih. Keke kan memulai usaha online #littleheidybookshop.)

Anyway, i stumbled upon some books. The first one I finished to read : Rahasia Ayah Edy Memetakan Potensi Unggul Anak. 

What do I get from it?

Tahapan Ayah Edy dalam pemetaan :
1. Beri Stimulasi - exposure - jadikan rutin
2. Amati dan buat daftar minat dan bakat. 3 minat utama ?
3. Uji coba - 3 bulan. When analyzing, consider to cancel external noise : trend or fad? Friends suggestion? Bullylike teacher? 
4. Specialize - fokusnya dimana
5. Making a life plan
6. Review

Other revelations :
1. Berarti gua dulu bukan anget2 tai ayam..  emang g minat!
2. Home schooling... dimana anak belajar lifeskill dari orang tuanya. Huhuhu.. ortunya jg kudu ikut semester pendek bt ngulang matkul lifeskill ini.
3. Harus bisa bedain.. anak2 lakuin itu karena emang minat ato bosen g ada yg lain?

So.. apa ya buat, aqeel??

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Towards the end of this chapter?

Been more than 2 years in France, here comes the time when I start feeling uneasy thinking the end is near. I like being in a journey, and uneasy feeling comes normally toward the end.


What's next?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I admit - Insomnia? May not be that Alien for me - My issues - 1

I don't really quite remember when this thing started - when I found myself wasting time looking at Facebook timelines, and 9GAG updates.
Try to roll back the time to remember? It doesn't matter.
What matters is that I know I have something to do, but instead of getting it done, I always wander.
Funny, but you can see this trend, that i'm not alone in this realm. Just look at the memes!

Why do we do that? Is it common for Gen-Y? I am running away from my issues. The other may share my habit. Perhaps. But i'm not Miss Universe who is responsible of world peace and trying to bug everyone's business like Uncle Sam. Just want to pour my issues as a start of my commitment to actually get things done here :
1) Family Finance
2) Dad
3) My choice and how it would impact my family future

More break downs of the first point :
- Financing mom
- Financing me, my other half, and minion

Step 1: Need to cut ties with my past.
But instead of trying to sort out the record, i keep on stretching ... everything too grey now.. And i really need some effort to sort black of white.

Step 2: Plan and stick to it.
This one.. never really runs in the family. Minion must not copy. But if things don't change, he will, most likely.

Step 3: Sieve your ideas. Be content when those big chunks are achieved. Don't be worried if the big chunks only cover 1/3rd or less of number of items. After all, they are called primary, secondary, and tertiary...
A quick flash back to one of those lessons I learned from others.
If you have 100 units of time in the world, for work. Aim that you would be actually doing the thing and produce something, 33 units of time. The rest, you should account for the warming up, cooling down, and.. interaction with other components.
This worked for a friend. For me? i never actually tried. 

Time at the moment :  3:10PM GMT+7.
I start Step 1.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

32-hour Around 1/2-World : Part 2

"We're doing the plastic wrap for cigarette pack."
"Oh.. "
The anxious burning curiosity candle of mine got snuffed out.
"Wait, don't get it wrong. It is not that easy to wrap a cigarette pack."
He paused for awhile, assessing if my interest was still there.
"Yes. I'm listening." I said to him while making small circle of cappucino foam with my straw.
"Just imagine. We do partial heating, which means you heat the raw plastic just at one specific area to expand the plastic to cover the whole package. The raw plastic thickness itself is, say, around 18micrometer, crosschecked continuosly by a gamma ray detector. If it was detected to be 20micrometer thick, it would be considered a defect."
"Wait, wait. Don't get me lost with numbers here."
"Basically, it needs accuracy." He slouched back and took a sip of his espresso.
"Right, I see."
"These factories needs accurate machines. And not everybody can provide these machines."
I nodded, agreeing. There, those machines must only be Made in USA, Germany, Japan or other first world countries.
"But we can." He snapped.
"Come again?"
"Cigarette pack plastic wrap is commonly taken for granted. It is not that easy to do. Not everybody can provide the machine. But we can. That's why we have the chance to go international. In fact, we are one of a limited number of machine provider in the whole world."
"It's interesting to travel around like this, visiting various countries and getting unforgettable experience. Like when I visited Kenya last time, or when I visited Kazakhstan."
I had no comment. I just kept drinking my cappucino while listening to his stories.
Right, I guess that idea never came across to me lately. That was cool.
I joined a multinational company, partly because I simply thought that there would be bigger chance of seeing the other part of the world - going abroad. I was lucky to be accepted in an oil and gas service company who sent their trainee abroad for training. Then when they sent me to US, I started to feel cooler just because I had US land soil sticking to my shoes.
The snow ball kept getting bigger, the shallow-me started to think too cool of herself just by being a part of oil and gas business.
You know the state of 'I am cool and nobody else is' ?
Well, I'm not that bad yet but just heading to that direction.
(You know what, shallow-me? Stop!)
Deep down there, I was embarassed and also proud.
"We can."
It's funny to think that I needed to go travelling to the other part of the world to actually appreciate my own people. Or may be that's the way it is?
I haven't been a nationalist from the first place. Working in a multinational company made it worse. Everything is made in US, France, UK, Germany, name it.
Can you imagine? Even a separate plastic protector for my tool needs to be imported from US?
But listening to his story, I was reminded that Indonesia, the third world country is capable.
Someday, who knows, there will be people like me, except that they are from those 'advanced' countries, coming to Indonesia, to attend some training of some Indonesian technology.
Haha haha. That's an optimistic laugh over there.
Naive, you think? Hmm, Let's see!
Note: This was my personal experience, added with a bit spice here and there. Terribly sorry if there were any offensive part.
I also do apologize if I couldn't fulfill one of my friend's comment. No, he was not a drug dealer. I had experienced offered some mariyuana once, but it was another story.
Please do write feedback and respond this story with another exciting story of you, readers.
I'm looking forward to it.
Thank you for reading.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

32-hour Around 1/2-World : Part 1

3 weeks ago, I had the chance to attend a short course in US.
This course was actually available in UAE and US. But I guess it was just my luck, I couldn't attend the one earlier in UAE, so, US it was. Why would I prefer US? There are so many reasons behind, but one of them is : I like the long travel.

32-hour long travelling? Hey, why not? You would never know should you happen to sit next to a Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie like, or just to watch the in-flight entertainment. Whatever that is, its a nice get-away.

If you lived in Far East, you'd normally go across the Pacific to go to the Far West. But this time, as I chose the cheapest from the options offered by the travel agent, I went across Atlantic. I took Qatar Airways, 32-hour travelling, transitting in Changi Airport-Singapore and Doha International Airport-Qatar. First time using this airline meant new stuff to see.

Flying from Jakarta to Doha via Singapore.

Nothing much to share on the flight between Jakarta to Singapore. The plane was half full. I spotted some groups of TKW. Not very enthusiastic, rather anxious. Perhaps, their second trip?
Most of us were relatively sleepy and tired looking already. We took off at 10:25PM from Jakarta, arriving in Singapore at 1:15AM Singapore time. It was just a short transit in Changi. 10 minutes out of the plane, we already had to queue and board. More passengers coming this time. Passing the security check, we were so ready to get into the plane, wrap ourselves in blanket and sleep.

Nighty nite...

Cabin crew lit up the cabin light. It was 'breakfast' time already. That meant we would be landing in Doha in a couple of hours.
Finished with the meals, one by one went to the lavatory to refresh themselves.
Next, announcement was heard. All windows were open. We were landing.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. We are arriving in Doha and will be landing in few minutes. The local time is 5:10 AM. Outside temperature is 28degC."

Some international airports are designed to accommodate the passengers to step into the building as soon as getting out of the plane, but some are like Qatar airport that have way spacious parking lot for the airbus jets and others. Getting out of the plane, we had to get into a bus to get to the building. Stepping outside, 5:10AM in Doha, felt like 9-ish AM in Indonesia.


When you visited a country, what would you do?
Me? I would go to souvenir shop, for sure. Getting a token to engrave the memory of being in this spot of this globe is a must.

"Hey? Are you from Indonesia?" Some guy who happened to be in the same shop greeted me in English.

"Yes. " I answered in Indonesian. He was Indonesian and we got into a conversation.

"Where are you flying to?"
"Oh, I'm flying to Houston. And you?"
"I'm going to Nigeria."
"Oh. Business trip?". That was my guess. I wouldn't think anybody would go to Nigeria for tourism. Well.. It was a bit shallow of me. But I couldn't help it. News I heard from there were not really good, especially for foreigners.
"Let me guess. In Oil and Gas?" It was another guess. What other kind of business would get you allow high risk in your life right now? Well.. apart from mining, diamond... hmm.. actually there are plenty.
"Oh, I see." Puzzled, and confirmed how I was shallow.
"Hey, would you like to drink? Coffee or anything?"
"Well... Ok. Let me get some thing first and I'll meet you up at the coffee shop."


We ordered iced cappuccino, espresso and a slice of cake, then we got ourselves a table.

"So, what do you do?" I started.
"I do, well you can say, packaging business."
"In a multinational company?"
"No, it's local."
My curiousity arose.

"Local packaging business, having a business trip to Nigeria?"
"Please do explain!"

"Well, you see..."
Later on he shared me his story.

To be continued...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Confession of a Workaholic - Day 1

It was quite a long journey between Jakarta - Houston. Instead of travelling across the pacific, I decided to travel the other way around this time.

I took the Qatar Airways, transitting in Doha, before continuing the trip to Houston. On the flight between Jakarta - Doha, I watched one of the latest chick-lit movies "Confession of a Shopaholic".

My comment was, it was entertaining, creative, and light, just a kind of movie I would like to watch to pass the time. Seems unlikely, yet,.. possible.

There was this scene when the main character was forced to attend a group therapy of shopaholics. Each of them started their confession, first by declaring 'I'm a shopaholic". I guess, at least by doing that, they knew that they had a problem, and felt the urge to solve it, while our main characted kept in denial. Thus, she was not cured that easily.

Arriving at Doha Airport, I had 3 hours to enjoy the duty free shops and snacks. Fortunately I am not a shopaholic, I managed to pass the duty free shops and landed on a food bar - typically me. But before that, I just had to stop at a bookshop, because snacks wouldn't taste that good without a book - vice versa.

I'm currently having my own problem at work which got me nearly depressed more often lately. This situation pushed me to choose one book, written by Stephen Covey "First Things First". Yup, that's my 'light' reading.

I started the introduction, and the more i read the more i thought i need to make my own chicklit movie - "Confession of a Workaholic".Friends kepts saying that i was a workaholic, working long hours, skipping sleep sometimes and became zombie during day time. And I always said to myself, 'well,... and it's not good?. I guessed that was what i was paid for, to work. So i worked. What was wrong with that?'

Mr. Covey together with the co-authors, they said it differently. They didn't bluntly say 'you are workaholic', they just said 'you are urgency addicted'. Now what is urgency addicted? I'll try to re-phrase it. It means, I crave for urgency, no matter whether its important or not, i'll do the last minute things. And even if it was important, if it was not urgent, i would wait until it was, then i'll do it. It doesn't mean i will wait sitting on the couch lazily, waiting for the deadline to approach and then do the task when it already becomes urgent. I do wait, while doing other urgent things, that may not be important at all, but become important and worth to do for me because i'm blinded and losing my common sense in determining importance. When i finished a task, no matter how unimportant that was, if i finished it, i felt the 'happiness' of being able to contribute.

What happened to me now?I've got tasks. And I finished some, I didn't finish some others. The problem is when, the unfinished ones are the actually important ones. To the boss, i'm perceived not productive, to the parents and husband, i'm not attentive nor caring anymore. I'm putting my job on the line. And, if I don't fix this, I may put my family at stake also in the future.

So, OK. Let me start.
"Hi, everyone. I'm Ratna and I'm an urgency-addict-workaholic. I'm in trouble and i need to get myself out of it."

There, I said it. Let's see if I can follow this book. To be honest, I have no choice. I wanna live my life.